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Constable Neil Bruce, a native of New Brunswick, joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1959. Constable Neil Bruce was fatally wounded on the morning of April 10th, 1965, while attempting to rescue a young woman who was being unlawfully confined in a cabin in Powers Creek in Westbank, B.C. He died in the Kelowna General Hospital on April 14th, 1965. Constable Neil Bruce was 26 years old. He left behind his wife Sandra, his son Donald and his daughter Barbara.

CNB officially opened as a Grade 7 – 9 school in January 2000.  In September 2018, CNB was reconfigured to include Grade 6 students with Grade 9 students enrolled at MBSS.  Our school community has continued to grow steadily and concluded the 2019 school year with a population of approximately 830 students.   For the 2019-2020 school year we have 894 students registered. 

 cubs2.PNGWe have an amazing group of TROOPs  who emulate the qualities and attributes that Constable Neil Bruce demonstrated.  As an RCMP member, he was a role model and hero. Constable Neil Bruce displayed kindness, compassion, care and respect.  These leadership students were named the TROOPS to honour a team/group of graduating RCMP officers.

Our CNB Vision Statement

The Mission of CNB Middle School is to provide a safe supportive environment where students, staff, parents and community members are committed to meeting the unique developmental needs of adolescents.

The purpose of a Middle School is to provide a school setting that takes into consideration the transition period between childhood and adolescence. To experience a strong sense of belonging in school, students must feel capable of completing tasks in a manner that meets the standards of the school, believe they can connect successfully with teachers and classmates, and know they can contribute in a significant way to their learning community and school.

Summary of the 2019 - 2020 School Year

Summary of the 2018 - 2019 School Year

As a result of the reconfiguration, we were provided the opportunity to re-evaluate the structure and strategies that were in place at Constable Neil Bruce.  Through numerous conversations and visits to other grade 6-8 middle schools within and outside our district, along with the research presented through the work of the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) a focus on the following four pillars was implemented.

· Flexible Schedule - teachers have the flexibility to responsively adjust planning and integrate subjects to support individualized and differentiated student learning, while not being limited by a rotating block structure (like in high school).

· Mentorship Program - students connect with a supportive teacher advocate that works with them for their years at CNB.  Students develop metacognitive skills through engaging work with the Attributes of the SD23 Learner and strengthen character traits through Character Strong.

· Exploratory Program - adolescent students in grades 6-8 need to explore new course areas which will lead them to making informed choices at the grade 9 level when they transition to Mount Boucherie Senior Secondary.  Throughout the three years at CNB, students will rotate through Art, Drama, Music, Guitar, Foods, Technology Education, and Shop as exploratory courses.

· Teaming - groups of students will work with two or three core teachers for the vast majority of their coursework.  Teachers get to know their students very well, more responsive teaching happens, more parent communication can occur, and students will be more successful.

 Summary of the 2017 - 2018 School Year

As a result of our 2016-2017 scan, we determined the need and importance in working and strengthening our students' personal and social competency skills and tied this learning in with our school theme on 'kindness.'  On Implementation Day, we focused as a staff on the characteristics and attributes we hope to see reflected within our students and used the work and research of Houston Kraft and CharacterCharacter Strong 4.PNG Strong to support our learning.  During the afternoon on this day, we connected the learning within Character Strong to the Ministry core competencies:  social responsibility, personal awareness and responsibility and positive personal and cultural identity.  Staff sorted the competencies within some of the learning lessons planned for students.   We then kicked off our 'Kindness' theme with a visit from Houston Kraft, in early October, who shared his message on kindness with our student body and then with our staff around the value of building relationships and how to S.E.R.V.E. (S - Start Intentionally, E - Engage Relationally, R - Respond with Empathy, V - Value practice daily, E - Exit intentionally) our students.  The conversations and learning with staff around these principles were incorporated into staff meetings throughout the year.    

In January, administration scanned the staff to determine three areas:  strengths, challenges, and hopes for moving forward.  In February, we discovered the move towards a grade 6 - 8 middle school model for September 2018.  Both of these events led to further planning on how to support a redefined middle school here at Constable Neil Bruce.  In the Spring of 2018, staff engaged in beginning conversations around communicating student learning, Innovative Learning environments (including visiting Norma Rose Point as well as schools within our area) and also were introduced to the OECD 7 Principles of Learning.