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GoByBike Weeks: Use your bicycle to get here, there, and everywhere!

Fall GoByBike Weeks runs October 15-29, 2018. 

The purpose of this event is to encourage people to use their bicycle for everyday transportation. Our goal is to educate people about tips and gear that help make it more enjoyable and safer for people to use their bikes during the colder and wetter weather (fall and winter). To do this, we have created a series of educational videos that are available on the following YouTube Channel:

We hope that people will discover that it is enjoyable to use their bike for everyday transportation.

Registration is FREE! Teens and adults can register as individuals or in teams, and children can be registered as part of a school team. The provincial grand prize is a cycling trip in Sicily, Italy, sponsored by Exodus Travels! Visit to register and find helpful resources such as safety videos, participation tracking sheets, and posters! 



Students will be expected to supply the following basics:
- 1 large three ring binder that zip closed with dividers
- lined  binder paper
- pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, geometry set (must include a protractor)
- Memory Stick (USB) for saving data
- highlighter, pencil crayons or felts
- basic calculator (Gr.6/7)
- scientific calculator (Gr.8)
- running shoes, shorts or sweatpants and t-shirt for PE
A few other specialty items may be requested by individual classroom teachers; however, sufficient warning will be given to allow students the time to locate these tools.