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Student Services
​​​Our Support Services Department is a critical pillar of the education program of our school.  Its primary function is to coordinate support being offered to students in addition to the regular program of learning in the classroom.


The Connect Program provides students with social emotional and behavioral skill support to ensure success in the school learning environment.

Social and Emotional Skill Support

  • Provides information and supports student development of social and emotional skills for individual students
  • Provides a space and support for students to self-regulate

Behavioural Support

  • Addresses major behavioural offenses by working with the student, the teacher and the parents, including involving administration when needed
  • Sets up and monitors student success plans with students

 Indigenous Education

Our Indigenous Student Advocates work closely with families, teachers and other personnel to provide service for our Indigenous students. This includes providing emotional, social, cultural support to students. Advocates work closely with families, teachers and other personnel to provide service for students. The Indigenous Student Tutor is a teacher who specifically supports students in the area of academics.

Indigenous Student Advocates:

  • Liaise between home and school
  • Help students with goal setting​
  • Work closely with teachers and other personnel to plan programing  for students
  • Monitor attendance of Indigenous students and facilitate improvement goals
  • Respond to any specific concerns of teachers or parents
If you would like more information, or to speak to an Indigenous Student Advocate, please do not hesitate to call (250) 870-5177​ or email the school

 Counselling Centre

Our school counsellors are available for student support in areas of:

  • Personal and social issues
  • Problem solving
  • Peer mediation
All services are confidential.  If you wish to make an appointment with a counsellor you can fill out a request form in the counselling center (second floor - room 213A & 213B), call the school or email a counsellor directly.

 Learning Assistance

The learning assistance program at Constable Neil Bruce Middle School is designed to support those students who need extra help to be successful in the regular academic program. If you have concerns about your child’s academic performance, your first step is to contact the teacher. In many cases, teachers can assist students in becoming more successful. 

If teachers have concerns, they refer students to the learning assistance teacher. Through consultation with teachers and families, a course of action is planned for the student to determine what further supports will help the student to be successful with their learning. 

If you have any questions about learning assistance services, please contact the school.​​