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Course Requests

​Grade 8

​Information about various explore options at the grade 8 level, as well as course interest forms and applications can be found here:
The following are MyEd "How-To" Guides to help with student MyEd related processes:

Please input your course requests for the CNB 2023-2024 school year by:
Friday, March 10, 2023

If you have difficulty logging in or with input of your course requests please see your ACE teacher

If you become locked out of your MyEd account please come to the office to have your password reset.

Grade 7

​​All grade 7 students must take a year of Arts Education (AE) and a year of Applied Design, Skills and Technologies (ADST). Students going into grade 7 next year have two options for AE explore courses; to take full year Band 7 option <or> take the Art and Music 7 option. All students in grade 7 take Home Economics (Foods & Sewing) and Trades & Technology 7 for their ADST explore courses.


All students must take a language course in each grade of middle school. Generally, across the district, French has been the language offered to students in middle school. 

At CNB we strive to offer a variety of experiences for our students. As such, in grade 6 we offer French 6 as the language course, however, if we are able to, we will offer more language options than just French in later grades​. The language course that a student takes in one grade at CNB does not impact the language course they are able to take in later grades. Additionally, when a student transitions to Mount Boucherie Secondary they are able to select any language course offered at the grade 9 level (there are no pre-requisites for language courses offered at MBSS to incoming CNB students).